Vaccination requirements

Currently, the only mandatory vaccine is Yellow Fever for those travellers arriving from a country at risk for yellow fever or in transit for more than 12 hours at an airport in a country at risk for yellow fever. Click on this link for detailed information on yellow fever vaccination requirements.

Rabies, typhoid and meningococcal vaccine is not generally recommended for the average tourist. It is essential that travellers are up to date with the standard immunizations. Refer to the specific disease description and advice on this site.


  • Tetanus - Ensure that boosters are up to date.
  • Typhoid - Low risk – vaccine not recommended
  • Polio - No risk
  • Measles - Low risk in South African sporadic cases only. Outbreaks in UK and parts of Europe . Vaccine contra-indicated in transplant recipients and immuno-compromised travellers, pregnancy.

South Africa Reviews Yellow Fever Requirements

Travellers from Zambia; Tanzania; Eritrea; Somalia; Sao Tome and Principe will no longer be required to produce proof of the yellow fever certificate when coming to South Africa after they were included on the World Health Organization Low - risk yellow fever countries list.

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Important Notice

You are advised to visit your general practice surgery or a travel medicine clinic at least 6 weeks before you travel. However, it is never too late to seek advice.

If you have a medical condition, you are advised to discuss the suitability of the trip before you book.


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